Cargo Area Plywood Floor

Mercedes Sprinter Van (08/2006 on) – Motexion – Cargo Area Flooring


Mercedes Sprinter Van (08/2006 on)

Motexion – Cargo Area Flooring

Motexion unique van flooring is made from high grade 9mm or 12 mm birch ply wood and fits perfectly every time.

1. Pre-cut on CNC machine
Our flooring comes pre-cut for a perfect fit. The programs for the cutting on CNC machines are developed in house and guarantee accuracy.

2. Integrated floor mounting system
The flooring is mounted by using the vehicle’s anchor points. This means the flooring is flush, that is, flat without obstacles. Some screwing is needed on larger floors and the locations are pre-drilled to avoid drilling through full, brake lines of electrical wring.

3. Non-slip surface
The diamond deck anti-slip surface will ensure the load stays in place once the van is on the road.

4. High quality
The flooring is made from high-grade birch form ply, which is hard-wearing as well as water, oil, light acid and fuel resistant. The birch is slowly grown on plantation in Finland and much denser then pine.

5. Easy installation
Our flooring is imported as the finished product so it is quick and easy to install. In fact, it will take only fifteen minutes to fit. Where required there are pre drilled holes to avoid damage to wiring and brake lines.

6. Neat appearance
The one-piece, dark-coloured flooring with quality mountings gives the inside of the van a neat finish.

7. One or two piece

Our van flooring is one piece for small and medium vans and 2 pieces for larger vans. The longest floor section we have is 3.30 meter long for the extra long Mercedes Benz sprinter.




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